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ce00363 June 27, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

I’m sorry you had this experience at Chops. I had one their that was great. My dinner was amazing. The steak I had cooked perfectly and they had the beer and wine that satisfied me and my date. My girlfriend’s chicken was wrapped and was amazing. I urge you to try this place again because I had a great experience. I also love the atmosphere. I have been to nice restaurants in Statesboro, Atlanta, Tampa and alot of different places. I thought for this town, this is as nice as your going to get. It was a great place for a date and I would reccomend it again. I think better placement of the place would be better though.


I love the BP commercial

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The new BP commercial is pure genious to me. They have put one of their own employees from the area to handle claims from people who have lost money and work due to BP’s error. This is a great way of resolving a conflict. They are taking credit for what they have done and it is a great start.

Chapter 12 Tapping the Web and New Media

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Chapter 12 informs us about the internet and how to use social media sites effect the way we live. The part that I love is the section on YouTube. I like this one the best because I watch YouTube videos all the time when I can. In March, 2008 there was 11.5 billion online videos on this site. Some more stats are as follows:

1. The average online video was 2. 8 minutes

2. The average viewer watched 235 minutes of online video

3. Google’s YouTube ranked as the top U.S. video property

4. They had 4.3 billion videos

People use YouTube for many different ways. Individuals use it for mostly to post their thoughts and opinions about issues. Businesses use this site for a way to get out to the public what the business is all about. Smirnoff is a great example of how YouTube can be used effectively is marketing. They launched a YouTube video of their new Ice Tea Malt Beverage. It cost them 200,000 dollars versus a commercial spot that would have costed 350,000 dollars. This is a great example of how their marketing team used YouTube very effectively.

YouTube can do many things. The main thing it can do though is bring people with common goals and ideas onto one webpage.

This information was retrieved from Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques Sixth Edition, by Dennis L. Wilcox

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Chapter 11 RN: Get sloppy reporting gone!

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While this whole chapter was full of information about reporting, media, and reactions, I found sloppy and biased reporting to be the most interesting. I did not realize that so many exectuties think that news coverage reflects the reporter’s personal opinions and biases. Also, a Fortune 500 magazine said that 43 % of executives would say that they give their reporters a “B” grade on reporting about their company. They also said that the biggest problem is because they have no background in what they are reporting on. Executives say that they should have to have a general knowledge about the subject before reporting on it. Here are some ways that sloppy reporting can be reduced:

1. Educate executives about how the media operate and how reporters strive for objectivity. That means other viewpoints, sometimes unfavorable, will be in a story.

2. Train executives to give 30 second answers to questions. This reduces the possibility of answers being garbled and distorted.

3. Provide extensive briefing and background material to reporters who are not familiar with the topic or the organization.

4. Familiarize executives with the basic news values. Look for stories with “conflict, drama, and obstacles… Our readers love to read about people, and about how egos and ambitions are shaping companies”, said Dennis Kneale senior editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Information was found in Public Relations Writing and Reporting Techniques Sixth Edition, by Dennis L. WIlcox.

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TOW 6 be funny and tell stories

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I had the privliedge this week of listening to the poscast Coming Up PR. The three hosts did a great job of making the podcast enjoyable and easy to listen to. They talked about what they had heard at conferences. They stayed mainly on the subject getting your message heard. According to one conference speaker, Mark Evans, he said make your message funny. He said that if your message is funny then people will want to listen more. This was his favorite way of showing his message on the social media sites. Being funny allows for people to draw their own conclusions and make up a story in their head. In doing this, that story they make up will relate to something that happened in their life. All of this connection provides the want for more listening to the people who came up with the message. Another guy they really liked was Ze Frank. He also talked about getting your message heard. He had a different way, but the two ways relate a lot. Frank talked about using emotion to grab listeners. I, also, think this is a tremendous way of reaching and connecting with audiences. People like to have an emotional tie to something. It makes people feel like they belong to something. If people can emotionally relate to someone speaking a message,  then that speaker increases his or her chances to being heard again. Having emotion for something is a very strong feeling. Emotion stem from the yearning for something and messages that are emotional succeed more in satisfying people wants. 

Podcasts can be a great tool for people trying to keep current with PR and marketing. These podcasts talk about current events and ones that people want to hear about. There is much to be learned from these. People who listen can learn what people really care about and the right ways to handle situations. They are hearing first hand advice from people who are very good at what they do. This was a great podcasts and one that  I am interested in.

Comment on our society and values

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I know I’m alittle late but I agree with all this you have said. On the Tiger Woods situation, I thought it was handled terribly. He should have come out with a statement immediately and then followed with another statement not written by someone else. PR people are on TV having to cover up for people all the time now. I think that it is because people have gotten so consumed in fame and money and havent abided by their values that were instilled in them at a young age. I play football and I see this happen all the time. Alot of people are good players when they come in and turn into great players their senior year. But, all the attention gets to their head and they do stupid things because they think they can’t get in trouble. So, not only do I agree I strongly agree. Nice post keep em coming.

BP news, again PR connection

Leave a comment I love the post on BP (the first post). I also hate how BP is trying to put a positive spin on this oil crisis that is affecting millions of people. So, do what I wish BP would do; read this article and form an opinion for yourself.

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