Blogs reveal what people feel about a particular issue. The comments that stem from blogs let the blogger know how people react to their thoughts. Commenting on blogs can also insight the blogger to new ideas that one arrives at after reading their blog. Also, commenting is a way of brainstorming and throwing ideas around. When a blogger ask, “any suggestions?” People commenting should give their best suggestion if they feel it necessary. Commenting on blogs is a way to benefit all parties included. Readers can go to blogs to find out more information about something, and if there are a number of good comments then the reader can be better educated on that subject. When someone writes a blog that is just half of the blogging process. Blogging was set up for people to share ideas and let people know what is going on with a subject. So, comments are just as important as the actual blog to me. Without comments blogs would be just another thought that gets wasted.

What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments? First and foremost, BE HONEST! Writers do not want people to respond with lies because that is not what blogs are for. I would also advise on making sure to answer each individual question the best way possible. Also, be very clear and concise. Readers want quick points, not something they have to search an hour to find. Those quick points in responses also let the blogger arrive at a new idea quickly as well. Another point of advise would be to consider the source and the readers. Make sure when commenting on a blog that you answer the question honestly, but in a way that readers can understand. Another good way of saying this is be educated on the subject before commenting. That will benefit all parties in the best way possible.