Feature stories create buzz or publicity for products and services. Also, background information is given to help better understand what is going on in that particular story. When writing a feature story provide facts and information that is informative to the reader. There are four approaches to feature writing…

1. Distribute a general feature to a variety of publications

2. Write an exclusive article for a publication

3. Interest a freelancer or reporter in writing a story

4. Post feature articles on the organizations website

While having said that about the approaches to feature writing now I will show the different types of features:

1. Case study

2. Application story

3. Research Study

4. Backgrounder

5. Personality Profile

6. Historical Feature

To make a feature better understood; writers should use photos and graphics to help the readers come to a conclusion about the story better. Also, the story should be overall entertaining.

Information came from Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques Sixth Edition, Dennis L. Wilcox.