This NewsU Lead Lab was very interactive and educational. It was very accessible and navigational which made for easier learning. This was very important because so much of PR Writing is news releases, features, and grabbing the attention of interested readers. Learning how to write proper leads that inform, entertain, and interest people is vital in the PR world and should be mastered. This course starts you in the right direction.

When righting a lead you must be sure to choose the right one. There are two different types of leads and they are direct and delayed leads. Each one can be very useful if used correctly. Here are how you can make sure you use them correctly.

Direct- Give me the news


There are other leads that come out of direct and delayed leads, and I will show you what and how to use them.

Direct- There are two different types of direct leads and they are summary and analysis.

                Summary- This lead answers the 5 w’s and the 1 h.

                Analysis- Lets you understand it in the perspective you choose.

Delayed- There are more delayed leads than direct and here they are.

                 Anecdotal- Illustrates the complete story

                 Signicant Detail- Gives in depth detail to the story for a better overall understanding

                 Emblem- Using one event to show a larger problem

                  Round Up- Uses all of the above to demonstrate a trend

Again, leads are very important and this lab did a great job of illustrating that. Leads are what grab the attention and keep the reader on the page. These skills will allow for writing successful leads. Mastering these skills will help someone seperate themselves from other writers. The more you can set yourself apart from others is to use these tools to the best of your ability.

Information was from the NewsU Lead Lab