In this chapter I learned how much broacast media mean to orgnanizations and businesses. They use many different ways of promoting and broadcasting messages. Radio news releases are very similar to a press release but are even more concise. Radio only has fifteen or thirty seconds to get their message accross so they have to be very effective in a short period of time.

Another way of being vocal in the broadcasting world is through audio news releases. These are more appealing to listen to because they include soundbites and music. People, naturally are more inclined to respond to these because they appeal to more than one sense. There are two types of ANR’s and the first is actuality. Actuality is when a person with a good radio voice reads a message over the radio. The second is a soundbite, and that is when a clip of a celebrity, satisfied customer, or a employee reads the message.

Lastly, another great way of reaching mass audiences is through public television such as talk shows. Many people love watching these because it represents “real” people talking about “real” issues. This is a great way to release what you want to say to a large audience.

Information was found in Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques Sixth Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox