My twitter experience was very different than I expected. All I had heard about twitter was that it was status updates (facebook). Honestly, I was a twitter hater before this. But, after using it I found that the social networking site is much more than that. I can not even begin to write how many links I checked out from other peoples tweets that I was very interested in. Many of the things that I read were very interesting and furthered my knowledge on some things. Many thoughts I had were incomplete and very limited. After twitter and getting responses from people, those incomplete thoughts became very structured and educated. I got to follow people that I was curious about and see what they were thinking and what they were interested in. For example, I thought I liked some celebrities but after viewing their twitter page I realized I did not. Another great thing was I saw people asking for internships and jobs, and people actually were responding. That is one thing that I did not expect. The amount of professionals that are on twitter amazed me also. People were tweeting about issues that were very current and interesting. These professionals were helpful to me on issues because they helped me form basis for ideas and arguments that I might have on certain subjects. The value of twitter in my future can and will be “through the roof”. I plan on networking to find jobs, common interest people, and lastly interesting articles. I now know that if I am wondering what people are thinking about an issue I can go to the direct link of the issue and see for myself. Twitter is a great way of seeing what real people are saying about issues and not what the media has made up for the pleasure of viewers and ratings. My link is and I plan on staying current and up to date on things through twitter!!