Chapter 12 informs us about the internet and how to use social media sites effect the way we live. The part that I love is the section on YouTube. I like this one the best because I watch YouTube videos all the time when I can. In March, 2008 there was 11.5 billion online videos on this site. Some more stats are as follows:

1. The average online video was 2. 8 minutes

2. The average viewer watched 235 minutes of online video

3. Google’s YouTube ranked as the top U.S. video property

4. They had 4.3 billion videos

People use YouTube for many different ways. Individuals use it for mostly to post their thoughts and opinions about issues. Businesses use this site for a way to get out to the public what the business is all about. Smirnoff is a great example of how YouTube can be used effectively is marketing. They launched a YouTube video of their new Ice Tea Malt Beverage. It cost them 200,000 dollars versus a commercial spot that would have costed 350,000 dollars. This is a great example of how their marketing team used YouTube very effectively.

YouTube can do many things. The main thing it can do though is bring people with common goals and ideas onto one webpage.

This information was retrieved from Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques Sixth Edition, by Dennis L. Wilcox

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