I had the privliedge this week of listening to the poscast Coming Up PR. The three hosts did a great job of making the podcast enjoyable and easy to listen to. They talked about what they had heard at conferences. They stayed mainly on the subject getting your message heard. According to one conference speaker, Mark Evans, he said make your message funny. He said that if your message is funny then people will want to listen more. This was his favorite way of showing his message on the social media sites. Being funny allows for people to draw their own conclusions and make up a story in their head. In doing this, that story they make up will relate to something that happened in their life. All of this connection provides the want for more listening to the people who came up with the message. Another guy they really liked was Ze Frank. He also talked about getting your message heard. He had a different way, but the two ways relate a lot. Frank talked about using emotion to grab listeners. I, also, think this is a tremendous way of reaching and connecting with audiences. People like to have an emotional tie to something. It makes people feel like they belong to something. If people can emotionally relate to someone speaking a message,  then that speaker increases his or her chances to being heard again. Having emotion for something is a very strong feeling. Emotion stem from the yearning for something and messages that are emotional succeed more in satisfying people wants. 

Podcasts can be a great tool for people trying to keep current with PR and marketing. These podcasts talk about current events and ones that people want to hear about. There is much to be learned from these. People who listen can learn what people really care about and the right ways to handle situations. They are hearing first hand advice from people who are very good at what they do. This was a great podcasts and one that  I am interested in.