This is the last chapter!!!! Personally I loved this chapter because it was about my favorite thing about the internet and that is EMAIL. The advantages of email include…

– Reduce cost of employee communications

– Increase distribution of messsages to more employees

–  Flatten the corporate hierarchy

– Speed decision making

– Keeping up with events

– Making arrangements and appointments

–  Reviewing and editing documents

    This had lots of information, but I want to focus on one aspect of emails that I find to be very helpful. That aspect is making arrangements and appointments. There is nothing worse than trying to call someone all day and not being able to get ahold of them. This is a way for someone to let them respond when they can. Email is great from this aspect because it can allow people to multitask. For instance if they are having a phone conference they can email while doing that. This allow for fast responses and more thorough and thought out questions and answers. This is the best way to reach someone bar none. The last thing I will say about emails is if you dont want to reply all then DONT!

Information was found in our great book Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques Sixth Edition.

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