Thank you professor Nixon, for yet another news lab. They seem to never surprise me. Although this was very educational, I thought I would show what I learned and how I will use my new knowledge. Story telling is a very important way of gaining attention to yourself, client, or company. Story telling has been a major source of persuasion ever since the beginning of time. A philosopher named Fisher described storytelling as the number one way to persuasde someone. For PR professionals persuasion is the root of their profession. Here are the five steps.

1. Choosing a story

2. Making a storyboard

3. Reporting with multimedia

4. Editing for the web

5. Producing the story

Choosing a story is pretty obvious but vital, but choosing a good story is even more vital. If you choose a story noone is interested in then you will fail in your job as a PR professional. So, naturally choosing a good story is the way of winning people over to listen to what you have to say.

Making a storyboard is another aspect of the many things you have to do when putting together a story. They help you keep things organized and on the right track. This is the most important aspect of storytelling to some writers.

Reporting with multimedia is a way of developing relationships with people so you can have someone to feature your story somwhere. This is a great way of making sure that you will have coverage when needed.

Editing for the web is a task that should be mastered. Lets face it, everything is done on the web now. Being able to make something accessable to web viewers is a great commodity. PR people should have to master this because this is a major way of succeeding or not. The ability to edit for the web is a tool that will help a company beyond words.

Finally, when you put it all together you have to produce it. This is almost like a sales pitch. You “throw it out there for people to choose what they like about it, and hopefully its everything.

Once again this newslab was very constructive and educational. Thanks teach for the mind stimulation once again.

This information was found on the newslab. This was helpful  NewsU so use it to better your understanding of storytelling to the media.

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