I found ten ways that PR professionals annoy journalists on http://tajanicole20.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/10-ways-pr-practitioners-can-drive-a-journalist-crazy/.

PR pros and journalists have to work together. Alot of times it is smooth, but their are some ways that a PR person can drive a journalist crazy.

1. Problem- PR practitioners tend to not have enough information on a subject, and can leave a journalists with limited information to edit and send in.

Solution- Educate yourself with the right information so you can provide the journalists with the right information for their story.

2. Problem- Journalists think that PR practitioners have no idea on what is newsworthy.

Solution- Find a journalists that is willing to help you decide what is newsworthy and not. Also, compare what you have said with things in the news.

3. Problem- PR pros use hype words that make them sound imcompetent to journalists.

Solution- Just state the facts, don’t use hype words. Journalists get paid to write let them hype things up.

4. Problem- Journalists think that PR people twist their story to fit their agenda.

Solution- Just provide what is their in the story not what you want to hear or see.

5. Problem- PR people are never available for journalists. Journalists say PR people are hard to get ahold of and rarely have comments.

Solution- Work with the journalists and make yourself available. This will encourage the journalist to write a better story.

6. Problem- Journalists find that PR people have little regard for their deadlines.

Solution- As a PR person, be cautious and considerate of the journalist deadline. Also, be sure to actually give them some part of the story early in advance.

7. Problem- PR people call journalist too much.

Solution- Call once and ask to be called back. If it is important enough the journalist will call you back.

8. Problem- PR people give to many gifts to get their story published.

Solution- Simply dont provide them. Let the story speak for itself.

9. Problem- PR people are seen as over accessive.

Solution- Dont email and fax too much about why your story is not published. Just wait for an answer.

10. Problem- PR people do not provide the meat of the story to the journalist.

Solution- Do not be wordy just say what needs to be said and leave it at that.