1. Blog often- Blogging often keeps you updated along with follows on whats going on with people you follow.
2. Add pictures- This makes for an interesting blog to read
3. Hyperlink- This makes it easy for people to access websites easy and quick
4. Comment on others blogs- This allows for the further viewing of your own blog.
5. Focus- Make sure your writing stays on subject. This is easier to read.
6. Categorize- Categorize your subjects so people can pick and choose what they want (people like choosing).
7. Stay current- Write on issues that are happening now so it is fresh on the mind’s of readers.
8. Change your theme- Doing this will keep people curious about what is next.
9. Ask questions- Doing this allows for people to respond back to your blog, creating followers.
10. Give social media site- Doing this allows for people to see what other writing you may be doing. Also creates common interest relationships