Differences, where learning really happens.

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ce00363 Says:
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I could not have said it better myself. This is an example of what you said about presenting new ideas. You hit the nail on the head when you said “blogs allow us to see the differences that exist.” I did not think about that until I read yours. I have always thought that blogs brought people together with a common interest when actually they allow people to view what other people really think. I appreciate people’s opinions and especially different ones than my own. It is from difference of opinion that learning takes place at the highest level. Difference of opinions allow for mind stimulation and learning. This was a mind changer for me, and I appreciate that. What a great post.



Twitter. Not just a friend finder.

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on July 11, 2010 at 7:28 pm

I completely agree with this. I did not have twitter before, but I always thought that it was just another social site. I love how you can find information and answers from educated practitioners. It is nice to know that there is one site out there that is made to help people find answers to things. One point that I really love about twitter is that it brings people that are in common together and that leads to intellectual conversation. Yes, twitter is a social networking site but one that has many educational opportunities to be found out. This is a great post and one that I feel the same way about.

About SMNR’s

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Throughout this summer semester we have learned a lot about what PR practitioner does. This job entitles many things. One of the most important jobs they perform is making social media news releases. These news releases are one of many that can be done. They are viewed online so they have the ability to make very large impacts. They represent one of the jobs that a practitioner does and that is to get something promoted, advertised, or heard. According to our book Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, a social media news release is a very basic element in any publicity plan. These can raise awareness and have a huge impact on decision making. SMNR’s let the public know when something new is happening or is coming out. It is short and straight to the point. Two websites I have found to be very helpful are http://www.briansolis.com and http://www.pitchengine.com. The first website offers advice on how to put together a social media news release while the other provides examples of top notch social media news releases. These websites are great because they give you a chance to write one and then judge it compared to ones that are written very well.
After reading about these releases, I have arrived at some advantages myself, and also will provide advantages from other sources. Social media news releases have a very big advantage when trying to pitch something to someone. That is they are very inexpensive. Once you have a website up and running it is not expensive to post social media news releases. Another advantage is that these releases are not long and entertain the reader for the whole release. In doing this, the reader does not get bored or tired of reading. According to Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques Vice President of Marketwire, Paolina Milana, said that, “Social media releases are generally formatted so information is easy to scan, utilizing bullets and lists of ready-made quotes instead of dense text.” Also, social media news releases take advantage of using images, hyperlinks, and providing websites so the reader can access them easily. This accessibility for readers makes the news release that much more effective and easy for them to retain the information they have read. These advantages are easy to master and vital in a PR practitioner’s life. The ability to do these things are key components to the success of their job or project.
While social media news releases are great, there are some disadvantages. The first is the same exact first advantage I stated earlier. Because the releases have to be short, you cannot be too wordy. The last thing you want to do is be too wordy and your readers get bored and not finish reading your release. Journalists, buyers, and prospects want to read these releases in a matter of seconds. This is a big disadvantage, but one that needs to be worked around. Another big disadvantage of social media news releases is that there is no confidentiality. The personal information that goes on a social media news release could be used to harm someone or a whole company.
PR practitioners should use social media news releases when they want to promote a big event. Another time they should use it is when they want to send it to a lot of websites. When they send it to websites the probability of having more readers is greater than selecting a few people to email it to. This is a great example of a social media news release http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/chevrolet-volt-freedom-drive-to-celebrate-newest-launch-markets-97595984.html. Also, on this site Chevrolet has given tags you can click on to access more social media news releases. This makes it very reader friendly and easy to navigate.
After learning about social media news release I have some tips I would like to share.
– Be aggressive in your writing
– Write with conviction
– Use bullets to get main points to stand out
– Write short sentences
– Make sure to make it entertaining
– Use a social media news release as a marketing tool
– Send to the appropriate websites.
Learning about these releases has made me a more efficient writer. Being able to write good ones will set you apart from the pack of writers.

BLog comment on the greatness of storytelling

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1. ce00363  |  July 5, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Sorry that you dont like this one I thought it was very educational. Story telling can be a great way of engaging listeners into your story. This is a great way of establishing followers to listen to your ideas. Also, when persuasion is needed, a great way of doing that is being able to identify with people through stories that they can relate to. TO me this is the best way of persuading because this creates an avenue of familiarity with the person you are trying to persuade. I hope this helped and sorry if it didnt. Have a good one.

Ch. 14 reading notes

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This is the last chapter!!!! Personally I loved this chapter because it was about my favorite thing about the internet and that is EMAIL. The advantages of email include…

– Reduce cost of employee communications

– Increase distribution of messsages to more employees

–  Flatten the corporate hierarchy

– Speed decision making

– Keeping up with events

– Making arrangements and appointments

–  Reviewing and editing documents

    This had lots of information, but I want to focus on one aspect of emails that I find to be very helpful. That aspect is making arrangements and appointments. There is nothing worse than trying to call someone all day and not being able to get ahold of them. This is a way for someone to let them respond when they can. Email is great from this aspect because it can allow people to multitask. For instance if they are having a phone conference they can email while doing that. This allow for fast responses and more thorough and thought out questions and answers. This is the best way to reach someone bar none. The last thing I will say about emails is if you dont want to reply all then DONT!

Information was found in our great book Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques Sixth Edition.

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TOW week 7

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Thank you professor Nixon, for yet another news lab. They seem to never surprise me. Although this was very educational, I thought I would show what I learned and how I will use my new knowledge. Story telling is a very important way of gaining attention to yourself, client, or company. Story telling has been a major source of persuasion ever since the beginning of time. A philosopher named Fisher described storytelling as the number one way to persuasde someone. For PR professionals persuasion is the root of their profession. Here are the five steps.

1. Choosing a story

2. Making a storyboard

3. Reporting with multimedia

4. Editing for the web

5. Producing the story

Choosing a story is pretty obvious but vital, but choosing a good story is even more vital. If you choose a story noone is interested in then you will fail in your job as a PR professional. So, naturally choosing a good story is the way of winning people over to listen to what you have to say.

Making a storyboard is another aspect of the many things you have to do when putting together a story. They help you keep things organized and on the right track. This is the most important aspect of storytelling to some writers.

Reporting with multimedia is a way of developing relationships with people so you can have someone to feature your story somwhere. This is a great way of making sure that you will have coverage when needed.

Editing for the web is a task that should be mastered. Lets face it, everything is done on the web now. Being able to make something accessable to web viewers is a great commodity. PR people should have to master this because this is a major way of succeeding or not. The ability to edit for the web is a tool that will help a company beyond words.

Finally, when you put it all together you have to produce it. This is almost like a sales pitch. You “throw it out there for people to choose what they like about it, and hopefully its everything.

Once again this newslab was very constructive and educational. Thanks teach for the mind stimulation once again.

This information was found on the newslab. This was helpful  NewsU so use it to better your understanding of storytelling to the media.http://www.newsu.org/node/338

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Drive by jet skiers

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While on the lake for the 4th of July I have noticed something, and that is drive by jet skiiers. These people come flying by you with no regard to what you are doing. All they want to do is jump the wake behind boaters. They are reckless and dangerous. Today a guy drove by about ten feet from my boat and he was going at least 40 m.p.h. I let him know what I thought by shouting expletives. He turned around and started to talk back until my parents shut him up again. I am on the lake to have fun doing water sports, and these kind of people make it hard to do that. I know this sounds like a rant, but these people are dangerous and they cause accidents every year.

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